My First Meander

I’m speaking now with a really nice lady right now who is trying to help me set up something I don’t even know what I want it to be. Very challenging for her, I’m sure.   I do know that this particular section will be reserved for what are essentially ‘free writings’. If you had me as your high school English teacher, then you know what they are. If you’re not a former student,  I can’t imagine why you’re here, but you are certainly welcome.

2 thoughts on “My First Meander

  1. It wasn’t challenging (in a bad way at least!) to help you learn about setting up your site, it was fun! I always enjoy conversations with new folks learning about! I look forward to reading your meanderings as you continue to share. Maybe you’ll inspire me to do some free writing and remember what it’s like to be in High School. 🙂

    1. Hi Anna. It was a joy talking to you. I wish I could hire you as a permanent consultant. There is still so much I need to learn (and try to master) about setting up my website. Considering that we only spoke for a little over 30 minutes, I gained so much. But as an example, I didn’t know I had to approve comments. I checked out your website and blog ( I really enjoyed looking at your various ‘categories’ (you’re quite the artist and creative spirit) but couldn’t figure out how to follow you. I’ll clue in eventually. There are so many nuances to this process I need to explore and plan to as soon as I finish or divest myself from some other time-suck projects I’m involved with. It’s good to know that I can call on WordPress for what no doubt seem to be simple issues for folks attuned to this medium. I’m looking forward to delving into it more. Right now I’m just going to try and figure out how to follow you and change the approval of comments. Thank you again. Demand a raise for your competence and winning approach to dealing with people like me.

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