Facebook Unleashed

I share all the concerns about Facebook and could add more. I probably need a folder for just these kind of conversations and articles on the effect of social media on our society and psyches. This particular podcast is a lively conversation between David Remnick and the editor of ‘Wired’, Nicholas Thompson. A 26 minute listen.


2 thoughts on “Facebook Unleashed

    1. Hey Steve, Every night. I’m still figuring out what I want to do with this site and take more control of my “internet experience.” I have some fundamental issues with Facebook although I wouldn’t trade the reconnections I’ve made there for anything. I just don’t trust Zuckerberg’s ability to safeguard our accounts or to stop the proliferation of false accounts and the dissemination of lies and bullshit. I don’t want to shut it down; just waiting to see if Marky boy makes good on his New Years resolution to ‘fix’ Facebook without ruining it completely. I still check in. I just quit posting.
      I was just listening to this podcast and saw the option of sharing it with WordPress. I wanted to see what it would do. Now I know. I’ll be working on this page eventually. There’s much I need to figure out. I appreciate the comment. Dude.

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